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Bookazine - Heritage Railway Stations
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Bookazine - Heritage Railway Stations
Bookazine - Heritage Railway Stations
Bookazine - Heritage Railway Stations
Bookazine - Heritage Railway Stations
Bookazine - Heritage Railway Stations
Bookazine - Heritage Railway Stations

Bookazine - Heritage Railway Stations

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Britain’s railway stations big and small in architectural terms rank high among the country’s finest national treasures, and many of them are a delight to behold.

Yet we did not always see it that way. Half a century ago, when the steam age was breathing its last, so many wonderful Victorian and Edwardian structures were swept away in the name of progress.

However, thanks to both the heritage railway sector and conservationists, today we take a far more enlightened view. Rather than wipe away the past in the name of progress, we have learned to combine the best of the ancient and modern when upgrading our stations to serve the transport needs of the 21st century.

This volume celebrates the many successes that have been achieved both with the enlightened ‘heritage first’ policy at main line station renewals, and dazzling achievements accomplished on preserved lines.

Heritage Railway Stations Contents List

  • Introduction
  • CHAPTER 1    A conversion on the road to King’s Cross
  • CHAPTER 2    The second coming of St Pancras
  • CHAPTER 3    Hidden heritage that saved the day!
  •  CHAPTER 4    An exquisite station for the ?nest stone town
  • CHAPTER 5    Gateway to the west
  • CHAPTER 6    Serving a transatlantic terminal!
  • CHAPTER 7    Redundant in 1854 – back in 2026!
  • CHAPTER 8    Waverley led the way
  • CHAPTER 9    New high for Wolverhampton Low Level
  • CHAPTER 10   Three stations, a hotel and a magni?cent museum
  • CHAPTER 11   Ross-on-Severn
  • CHAPTER 12   Second life for make-do Marylebone
  • CHAPTER 13   Raising the roof again
  • CHAPTER 14   Brief Encounter at Milford Junction
  • CHAPTER 15   Waterloo: Britain’s biggest
  • CHAPTER 16   Brilliant Berwyn!
  • CHAPTER 17   Little Switzerland by the sea...but not quite
  • CHAPTER 18   Little sister of the Crystal Palace
  • CHAPTER 19   Manchester Victoria reborn!
  • CHAPTER 20   Corfe Castle: the ultimate heritage setting?
  • CHAPTER 21   A new but genuine GWR country station!