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Fast Bikes

From Bruce Wilson, Editor

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Digital is here! Motorcycle Sport & Leisure Magazine Editor, Tony Carter

As well as ordering print issues and subscriptions of your favourite motorcycling read here on Classic Magazines, you can now purchase digital editions directly from us. Quick and easy to do, download  Fast Bikes  for your Smart Phone, tablet or computer today and it’ll be available for you to read anytime, anywhere.

About the magazine

Welcome to Fast Bikes , your home of the best sportsbike tests on the planet, full of technical insight, hardcore action and all done in our own inimitable Fast Bikes style using some of the best photographers in the business. We love to test the latest and greatest bikes on the market - potentially your next bike - but we cater for every budget, thrashing everything from £1,000 hacks to £100,000 race bikes!

And that's not all. We get to talk to the most important and interesting people in motorcycling - be it Marc Marquez to the bloke down the road that fixes bikes, they've all got a tale to tell. Then we stack the magazine full of features on bikers, biking and bikers. We have our finger on the pulse in terms of what's in the pipeline from the manufacturers. We scour the world for the best roads and tracks to ride. We dispense advice through features and regular columns. We speak to all the racers making the news. And we have regular columns, from our riding and legal advice through to top racers speaking about what's been going on behind the scenes.

We have one hell of a time making it, meaning that what we put on each and every page is nothing short of blood, sweat, tears and beers! Whether you're interested in buying the latest headline stealing bike or wanting a tip on how to get your kneedown, why not join the gang and subscribe so you don't miss out on any of the action - you won't get the insight, education or entertainment anywhere else!

You'll receive 13 issues during a 1 year Fast Bikes magazine subscription.

So don't miss out - get involved and take out your magazine subscription now!

From the Editor

" Fast Bikes Magazine really does what it says on the tin; if we're able to thrash sportsbikes to within an inch of their limits then count us in.

Every issue is packed with fantastic new bike tests, hardcore used bike reviews, stunning features, useful masterclasses, racing galore and everything else in between.

We ride long and hard just to get under the skin of every machine and product we test, so we're able and confident about advising you where to spend your hard earned.

So why don't you come along for the ride and subscribe? Or try a digital issue and see the world of Fast Bikes come alive."


" Fast Bikes rocks! Every month I’m waiting at the door like a rabid dog for the postman to deliver the next instalment. I’ve been a subscriber for about five months now after cancelling my subscription to TWO. Keep up the great work" - Mark Bensley, subscriber

"I love the new look of the magazine, been reading it for years and it’s still the best, and now even better. I was thinking of getting a new R1, but I read Moby’s test reports and they swayed me to the GSX-R. I just wanted to say thank you, as this thing p****s all over the new R1 in every department" - David Tweedy, reader

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Fast Bikes
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