March 2008
March 2008   

Classic American - March 2008

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26 Brothers in AMS
Three brothers. Four Pontiacs. One ultimate road rally in the States

36 Late Starter
The remarkable story of an oh- so-rare ‘69 Camaro SS396 and its meticulous restoration

42 Eyeofthe Beholder
Sixties Mopar....but if youre expecting B-bodies you’re in for a surprise!

48 WitchKraft
A long history of very high performance - Chris Keen’s 1954 Kurtis Kraft 5005

53 Good Things Come...
A tale of patience, no little disappointment and a gorgeous ‘55 Buick at the end of it all

60 Two for the Road
Two Cadillacs...but no chrome, no big-block motor, and only two seats!?

67 The rise, fall, and nseof Saturn
The best hope for the future of contemporary American motoring?

72 Ocean Drive
A ‘traditional’ leisurely cruise down the east coast in a massive classic Seventies station wagon

80 Bullitt’s back... again!
Ford last did this in 2001, but this time they’ve stuck closer to the original recipe

86 Dawn Patrol
Now this is Classic American’s idea of an early morning wake-up call!

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