June 2011
June 2011   

Classic Bike Guide - June 2011

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042_Threes of a kind
Pricey Jota or a Trident for a quid?

050_Amal carburetters
Old style, brand new carbs. A classic miracle.

058_Van Veen OCR1000
The world’s most exclusive motorcycle.

070_Super Stafford
The Classic MotorCycle Show.

Initials of a cobbled up gem.

082_Life in the deep end
Part seven of Mike Jackson’s trade tales.

088_Moko Ducati
In your face Eighties’ special.

096_Just Jane thrills again
CBG Aviation Wolds Run.


New goodies on the market.

018_The Big Question
Plugs and sparks and stuff.

022_On the road
Who’s been where.

Sixties’ controversy.

032_The Good Guys
Sygnature Workwear.

034_Buyer’s Guide
Kawasaki A1 Samurai and A7 Avenger.

Delivered to your door before the shops!

100_Mould breaker
Yamaha DT-1.

130_Louise Limb
Another classic sketch.

069 WIN with CBG
Tool Roll, Tail Pack and Magnum Lock

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