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Classic Dirt Bike - Issue 42

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On the cover
Our cover shot is of works Kawasaki rider
Christer Hammargren riding the actual 400cc
Kawasaki featured in our story on page 34.
The shot, expertly coloured by our design
team, was taken at the 1974 British MX GP.

Our Class of 1970 feature Husqvarna takes
pride of place in the window of a classroom,
quite apt really as Husky taught the world an
MX lesson.


03 In Balance
The seed of doubt, once planted, grows
in to the absolute certainty of an error
and the only recourse is to check.
06 News, views and reviews
Our regular look at what’s happening
in the off-road world, events to go to,
series updates, perhaps a book or DVD
or two.

18 You need…
… a big Matchless. Once the mainstay
of the trials world, the big single was
relegated to a supporting role when
lighter bikes gained reliability.

22 Super Profiles
Take one stunning bike, do some in-
depth research and write it all down
here, in our Super Profile bit. When BSA
went Triumph.

41 Subscribe! Subscribe! Subscribe!
As CDB is subscription only in the UK,
you’ve either subscribed, nicked a
mate’s copy or seen us at a show. If it’s
one of the latter two… subscribe here.

52 Dicko’s view
More from the all encompassing eye of
one of the off-road world’s most senior
journalists. Always thought-provoking,
always interesting… what say you?

61 ’cross words
Setting his stall out, our new columnist
tells how he got to become a noted MX
author and what floats his MX boat.

72 Dirt Talk
What are you talking about in the CDB
world? All sorts of things as it happens,
bring it on we say.

82 Moto memories
Remember TT Leathers’ Vystram suits?
Oooh the world was colourful in the


54 Sporting world
A selection of events to brighten your
winter from Brit bikes in Japan and
France to traditional events in the UK.
We went there, where were you?

62 Team action...
…in Northern Ireland for the Classic
MXdN...boy was the action good.


10 Class of 1970
It was all going on for Husqvarna in
1970 – top in MX, movie stardom and
riding high. A young lad was smitten
by a model kit of the 400 Cross…

27 That was the year…
…that the press got a hold of the
ISDT team bikes for a pre-event try-
out. Their sketch artist went along
too, oh if only we could afford sketch
artists these days.

34 Lean, mean and green
Take one ex-works team Kawasaki,
add a bit about the company’s early
MX forays, talk about the work needed
and hey, it’s an SR400 feature.

66 An hour…
…with the Banks family, MX through
and through with three generations all
making their mark.

76 Dazzling the opposition
It pays to take time to do a job right
and Roger Simkin’s Cheney Victor is a
shining example of this credo.

How to

44 King of the IT crowd
Assembly progresses as a problem is
solved and more information comes the
editor’s way.

48 Dirt Products
Got something to help the off-road world
go faster, keep their feet up longer or
remain more on time in an enduro? Tell
us, we’ll put it in this bit.

50 Tech Talk
If only I had an alloy tank I’d be faster…
better… cooler. Rarely mistaken for
the King of Cool the editor does have a
Triumph with an alloy tank now.