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Classic Racer - Jan/Feb 2018

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006 From the archive
Three amazing photographs
from the Classic Racer archive,
each capturing a heady slice of
action from the golden days of
racing past.

012 ReadersWrite
Great suggestions on bikes to
feature, points raised that needed
raising and aTT letter that is well
worth reading – it’s been a busy
time for the postman.

014 Paddock Gossip
Malc’s been out and about,
gathering up the interesting
and necessary bits from the
four corners of the classic racing

020 Line Art
Courtesy of the impressively
talentedMick Ofield, the
exquisite 1969 Aermacchi
350 Ala d’Oro – that’s the Golden
Wing, an apt name.

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025 The 0W60 family line.Weapons
At a time when racing
motorcycles were fairly simple
items with one objective, the
smallest change either way
could have the biggest impact.
The two-stroke screamer from
the tuning-fork brigade was no
exception and its evolution was

036 Dick Klamfoth
Forever to be associated with
the Daytona 200, Klamfoth’s
run to the higher echelons of
Americana two-wheels began
when hewas just 20 and he
never really rolled off that

044 TheSuzuki Katana Endurance racebike
Suzuki GB hadn’t been racing
(officially) for over four decades.
When a few of the current SGB
team decided it was time to
return to the paddock they
wanted something special to
do it on. Turning the Katana
from a road bike of the 1980s
to a 152bhp missile wasn’t
an easy task.

050 Ginger Molloy
A flying Kiwi who competed
around the world in GP from
1965 to 1970. Cutting his teeth
during those first forays into
Europe wasn’t easy for the
hard-edged Molloy but boy,
did it come good.

058A stop in time
A snapshot series of Kawasaki's
slick team of refuellers going
about their business in 1972
In these fleeting seconds
a race could be won
or lost.

060 Benedicto Caldarella
The Argentinian won
only one GP during his
racing time, but if you're
only ever going to win
one then make
sure this is it (a clue:
it’s on home soil).

066 Aaron Slight
‘Mr Nearly’came so close to
getting the WSB crown, so man
times thatmany credit him as
the spiritual winner of WSB at
arguably its most competitive.
Haircuts aside, Slighty always
meant business.

072 Steve Hislop
In his day, one of the fastest
motorcycle racers on the planet
Even quicker than Valentino
Rossi in the Italian’s heyday – an
Stevewas on inferior machinery
– but for every scrap of talent
was a dab of dismay.

078 Clive Horton
British 125cc Champion in 1977
and 1974 TT winner, Clive isn’t a
man to pull his verbal punches.

084 Alan Carter: Light in the Darkness
The first instalment of our threepart
serialisation of the most
incredible motorcycle racing
book you’ll ever read. Get a taste
of it here in Classic Racer and
then go and buy yourself a copy
of the tome. It’ll be one of the
most fascinating books you’ll
ever own.

090 1975:Italian Grand Prix
An English rider took to Imola’s
twists and turns on an Italian
bike, an Italian did the same on
a Japanese bike. Over 150,000
people turned out in the baking
Italian sunshine to witness
the scrap.