January 2015
January 2015   

Scootering - January 2015

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03 Hello & welcome…...to2015!

06 Kickstart
Our informative front section jam-
packed full of useful stuff from news and
reviews, products tested, opinions, custom
scooters from yesteryear, readers’ letters, and
plenty more besides.

26 Mod Rod and the Rocket
Our cover star Lambretta Series 2 is joined
by its Series 3 stablemate. A pair of stunners
from across the pond with some neat one-off
touches too.

34 Vespa Raid Maroc
Sticky battles North Africa on a
Vespa PX, through some of the toughest
scootering terrain out there.

44 Sailor Jerry
Inspired by an American tattooist,
this Spanish MotoVespa has been customised
by a French tattooist.

50 Club do’s & events
A calendar of scooter related events.

53 Mablethorpe End of Season Run
VFM’s 2014 finale on the east coast.

55 Warmwell Winter Rally
SWSC end of season run in Dorset.

58 A converted TMZ Tula Muravey
Iggy discovers a campervan that might just be
accepted at a scooter rally!

64 Scootering in the 60s
Wendy and Andy from Watford Lambretta Club
(aka Ace of Herts) share their
memories and photo album with us.

74 Revived SS180 It’s always good to see an old friend,
especially when it’s a classic Vespa like this.

82 Back to Basics
Sticky takes a standard 2014 Vespa
PX125 and with some bolt-on upgrading adds
more power.

88 Specialist Services
Planning your winter project or resto?
Whatever you want, from platers
to tuners, engineers to painters, fabricators
to upholsterers, you’ll find them all here.

97 Scooter Trader
Classified and business advertising,
for all your scootering needs.

110 Clubs to Join
A massive list of scooter clubs across the
globe, complete with their contact details.

114 Show Us Your Scoots!
Yes, they’re all yours. All you need to do is send
us a photo (high resolution) with a few words
and yours can appear here too.

116 Various Scooter Club Events
from all over the world.

122 Scooter Touring – LaVidaVespa
German Vespa rider Markus clocks up more
than 22,000km visiting 30 countries around
Europe on his PX.

132 DDK AF Rayspeed 50th Anniversary S-Type
A 2014 tribute to maybe the most famous
dealer special series of Lambrettas in
the world.

138 Into the Sunset Warning!
We’re running out of your wonderful and entertaining stories
folks, so please get writing and send us
some more!

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