Data Notification

Unfortunately, Mortons Media Group Ltd. experienced a data security incident where we were the subject of hacking attack in October 2022. In the incident some files were compromised.

 We have no reason to believe that information relating to any one specific individual was targeted during the attack. However, the detailed investigation conducted by our specialist forensic investigation team and ourselves, found that information concerning some direct debit subscription customers between 2016 and 2018 were contained within the compromised files.

For those affected customers, this information relates to a name, bank account number and sort-code.

What you should do

Given the nature of this information, we wanted to let you know about the incident. In the wrong hands, there is the risk that some of the information could be used to help commit identity theft or fraud. As a result, we recommend that you exercise increased vigilance in all matters relating to your personal details. In particular, it is good practice to:

  • Check that all details for direct debits are up to date, and delete any that are no longer needed;
  • Check bank accounts regularly, and contact the bank if you see any transactions you do not recognise;
  • Be suspicious if anyone contacts you by email, phone call or text message asking you to confirm your direct debit details; and
  • Enable two-step authentication on all your online services.

What we did

We took several initial steps in response to the incident, including:

Secured the relevant servers and email accounts;

Added to the security of our systems and further training for staff;

Appointed a specialist data security provider to investigate the incident; and

Notified the Information Commissioner’s Office

We take our data responsibilities and protection of your data very seriously. As a result of this incident, we have made a number of changes to our infrastructure, training and procedures in order to reduce the risk of future incidents.

Contact Details

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