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Aviation Classics - Issue 4 - Knights of the Sky

Issue 4 - Knights of the Sky

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WWI - Knights of the Sky

6 Introduction
8 Founding the Royal Flying Corps
12 'Day One' of the RAF
18 For Valour
20 'King of the Air Fighters'
24 Sopwith Camel cockpit
25 Sopwith works
26 The Camels that came over water
30 London's first 'Blitz'
32 Still on the front line
34 The 'Mount of Aces'
42 The 'Red Baron'
46 'Flying Circus' Triplanes
50 Absolute authenticity
52 'Hun chivalry'
54 Albatros D.Va sepia photograph
56 America's 'Ace of Aces'
60 'Biff'
62 Flying with Daedalus
66 First to France
Watch Video70 Innovation on the Western Front
74 The gods above must be crazy
82 Nottingham's aerial warrior
88 The infancy of American air power
96 Britain's first aerial defenders
98 First Zeppelin raid on the British Isles
102 Battle for the Suez Canal
110 Shuttleworth's World War One 'squadron'
114 Short Admiralty Type 184
116 'Bloody Paralyser' Type Os
118 'Fee'
120 'Father of the RAF'
124 Deadly Albatros
128 Albatros D.Va cutaway

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