Issue 11 - Harrier
Issue 11 - Harrier   

Aviation Classics - Issue 11 - Harrier

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Aviation Classics takes a leap forward in time this month as we trace the history of one of the most remarkable aircraft of all time, the BAE Systems Harrier.

Edited and compiled by Tim Callaway, who comes from an aviation background, has extensive knowledge of all things aviation-related. This issue will again comprise the publication’s now-established high-quality mix of features and photographs. This 132 page glossy A4 perfect bound 'bookazine' includes the following -

  • The story from the Harrier’s beginning to the RAF’s retirement of the aircraft in 2010.
  • Sir Sydney Camm’s design department at Hawker Siddeley began design work in 1957 on the world’s first vertical take-off and landing jet aircraft.
  • The Harrier as a ground attack aircraft serving from 1969 to 2010 seeing active service in the Falklands war, Belize, the Balkans, Sierra Leone, Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Never before published photographs from the Falklands War, Iraq and Afghanistan – AC Issue 11 is a unique tribute to the Harrier, its engineers and pilots.
  • Variants including GR.1, GR.3, Sea Harrier FRS.1 and the AV-8A. Also GR.5 and FRS.2, GR.7’s, & GR.9’s and the AV-8B Harrier II are also discussed.


8 Genesis of a concept
14 The Hawker P.1127
20 Kestrel, P.1154 and the Harrier
24 The Harrier GR.1 to GR.3
28 Frontline Harrier Belize
32 The first ship-borne Harriers
36 Eagles and Harriers
42 Battle Diary 1
50 Over the Falklands
60 A Yank in Her Majesty’s Service
72 Brit/Yank Lexicon
76 Sea Harrier F/A.2
80 The big wing birds
85 Flying Glass
86 Battle Diary 2
93 Battle Diary 3
95 The trainers
98 Marine AV-8Bs over Iraq
106 Harrier abroad
112 Last Harrier down
122 Farewell to the Harrier
126 Survivors

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