Issue 12 - Corsair
Issue 12 - Corsair   

Aviation Classics - Issue 12 - Corsair

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“Hose Nose”, “Hog”, “The Sweetheart of the Marianas”, “The Angel of Okinawa”, “Ensign Eliminator”, “U-bird”, “Bent Wing Bird” and “Whistling Death”, the Chance Vought F- 4U Corsair had nearly as many nicknames as there were models of the big, powerful Second World War fighter.

Edited and compiled by Tim Callaway, who comes from an aviation background, has extensive knowledge of all things aviation-related. This issue will again comprise the publication’s now-established high-quality mix of features and photographs. This 132 page glossy A4 perfect bound 'bookazine' includes the following features -

  • How the 12,571 aircraft built were used by the US Navy and Marine Corps in the Second World War and Korean War as well as by the Royal Navy and Royal New Zealand Air Force
  • From 1942 to 1969, the Corsair was in front line combat somewhere in the world
  • Sixteen versions built between 1942 and 1953 capable of carrying both bombs and rockets


8 Design of a legend
18 Learning to fly the Corsair
32 The lost squadron
40 A tale of two Corsairs
50 Dark blue Corsairs
64 Sitting duck
68 A flight to remember
74 Carrier crash!
78 Night missions over North Korea
92 Inside the Corsair
102 The last of the line
111 Corsairs abroad
118 The last Corsair conflict
122 Racing Corsairs
124 Survivors

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