Issue 21- Lockheed Martin
Issue 21- Lockheed Martin    Issue 21- Lockheed Martin   

Aviation Classics - Issue 21- Lockheed Martin

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Edited by Tim Callaway, who has a strong aviation pedigree, this issue of Aviation Classics will again comprise the publication’s now established high quality mix of features and photographs. This 132 page glossy A4 perfect bound ‘bookazine’ will tell how:

  • The company started out in 1913 as the Alco Hydro-Aeroplane Company until its change to Lockheed Aircraft Corporation in 1926.
  • Aircraft like the legendary P-38 Lightning, the elegant Constellation, P-3 Orion to the F-104 Starfighter were designed and built.
  • The first flight was made of the only military aircraft to still be in production after nearly 60 years, the irreplaceable C-130 Hercules.
  • Includes high performance aircraft such as the U-2 and SR-71, the story of the stealth fighters like the F-117 Nighthawk and up to date with the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor and the F-35 Lightning which will replace many other types now in service worldwide


8 From the Alco Hydro-aeroplane company to Lockheed
18 Tow Lightning
26 The large and the small of it
28 Sheer elegance
32 Test flying the Lockheed P-80
44 Shooting stars entering the jet age
48 Long range record setter
58 The ultimate interceptor
60 Airliner to submarine hunter
64 Transport for the world
72 High altitude Dragon Lady
74 Helicopter developments
76 The big jets
80 The world’s first cabin business jet
82 It’s going HOW fast?
86 Oddities and one offs
88 Small and silent
90 The last airliner
94 Carrier based sub hunter
96 The father of Stealth
98 Night hawk
102 Mergers for strength
104 Developing on success
106 Future trainer
108 "It's not A fighter, it's THE fighter
112 The future of air power
118 Sector of success
119 Transports of delight
122 Leading into the future
126 Survivors

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