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Aviation Classics - Issue 22 - Douglas Dakota

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In issue 22 of the Aviation Classics series we recount the history of one of the most important transport aircraft of all time - the Douglas DC-3 / C-47 Dakota.

Once again edited by Tim Callaway, who has a broad aviation pedigree, this issue of Aviation Classics - Douglas DC-3 / C-47 Dakota - will comprise the publication’s now established quality mix of features and photographs. This 132 page glossy A4 perfect bound ‘bookazine’ will:

• Show how the DC-3 was to find fame as a cargo and troop transporter, and as the C-47 and C-53 as a glider tug throughout the Second World War

• Describe how the aircraft was modified into a variety of roles including being converted into  one of the first gunships during the Vietnam war

• Reveal the fact that a census of airlines in 1972 showed the DC-3 and its derivitives were still the most numerous type in service

• Re-visit the first flight on December 17, 1935 when the prototype of what was called the Douglas Sleeper Transport took to the air for the first time... and a legend was born.

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