August 2009
August 2009   

Classic American - August 2009

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22 The Empire Strikes Back
In the face of all the current adversity, Cadillac has made one of the very fastest saloon cars in the world. No, seriously - we drove it!

26 The Kingston Eight
Why would a small group of '73 'Cudas, destined for Spain, end up in Surrey some years later showing only delivery-mileage?

32 Black Beauty
How a racing driver and engineer lost his heart to a first-year Ford Thunderbird

36 AACUK Summer Nationals
New venue this year at Coombe Abbey for the AACUK Nationals. Editor Klemenzson does the honours...

40 Dream Car
Cool, stylish, sophisticated, packed with innovation, and super rare. What's not to love about a '59 Eldorado Biarritz?

47 AACI Summer Nationals
Known to many simply as 'Billing', would this year match last years attendance?

52 Classic Corvette Club UK
Nationals First time as one of our Car of the Year heats, how would the 'Vette enthusiast's show match up to the rest?

57 Hairy Hauler
Like your trucks with a bit more 'go'? Check out this mean blue Chevy

62 My Kind of Town
Where is the biggest new car show in the world? No, go on, guess!

70 If at First you Don't Succeed
How to 'buy blind' from the States and build a super cool '57 Oldsmobile Holiday Coupe

77 The Simpsons of Wembley Story
Geoff Carverhill continues his story on the people who offered new American cars in the Capital back in the day

83 Hail to the Chief - The Pontiac Story - Part II
Part two of our three-part account of Pontiac. This time we cover the Sixties - the golden years