June 2012
June 2012   

Classic American - June 2012

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22 Better late than never
They never built a ‘70 Cougar Eliminator convertible. Or did they?

32 A perfect storm
This ‘69 Mercury Cyclone muscle car really is rare, even in America!

38 Black snake
Classic Restorations’ 1967 Shelby GT500CR S900 Venom.

43 Smoothest brute
Ford’s full-size muscle car, the ‘66 Galaxie 500 7.0 litre.

48 Life in the Fairlane
Ford invents a new mid-size car with the fabulous Fairlane.

53 Back from the brink
From rusted out wreck to restored gem, this ‘60 T-bird’s come far.

60 Meet the new Boss
Check out the Mustang Parnelli Jones Special, it really is boss.

65 Carroll Shelby
We salute the great man who’s story is inextricably tied up with Ford.

73 Wheels Day 2012
We report from the American car show season’s opener.

79 Blue Oval benchmarks
Our buyer’s guide to Ford’s finest pick-up trucks.

84 Falcon project
It’s all coming together perfectly, bit by bit, little by little...