Issue 50
Issue 50   

Classic Dirt Bike - Issue 50

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03 In Balance 

Do you embrace change or abhor it? Or 

does it depend on what is changing? A 

new workshop is always good.  


06 News, views and reviews 

If it’s happening, going to happen or 

happened then this is where you’ll find 

it… and we’re just in time to remind you 

about Telford.  


16 You need… 

… the new generation of trials bikes, 

from when France was at the forefront 

of the feet-up game. 


18 …you also need… 

We say the Yamaha with the evil 

reputation should be in your shed too. 


22 Super Profile 

Bultaco and Sammy Miller are 

synonymous. We went along to check 

out Sammy’s last works 250 Bultaco, 

freshly restored. 


40 Subscribe! Subscribe! Subscribe! 

As CDB is subscription only in the 

UK you’ve either subscribed, nicked a 

mate’s copy or seen us at a show. If it’s 

one of the latter two… subscribe here.  


52 Dicko’s view 

It is a matter of evolution, gentle 

evolution which interests Mr Dickinson 

in this issue. 


61 ’cross words 

It is right to celebrate the past says 

Mr Berry, but also keep an eye on the 

future too or there’ll be nowhere for the 

past to go.  


72 Dirt Talk 

What are you talking about in the CDB 

world? All sorts of things as it happens, 

a packed letters page this time. 


82 Moto memories 

KTM’s first world MX championship 

came via Russian rider Gennady 

Moiseev – they rewarded him well.  




11 What’s your favourite bike…? 

It’s a question I ask a lot. Someone then 

asked it of me, and as we celebrate our 

50th issue, I have a think about my 

off-road icons… all featured in CDB too. 


28 From the archive 

Memories from the past 49 issues in 

this unashamed look back at us. Gosh 

weren’t we young looking in those days? 


34 No substitute for cubes 

A big Maico was the ultimate tool in 

enduro of the early Eighties, Welsh star 

Geraint Jones was master of his craft. 


64 The season round-up 

Yes, the last race has been run, the last 

trial done in our two classic series. Were 

you competing in 2018? Will you in 2019? 


76 Single-minded 

For long enough, the big non-unit single 

was the mainstay of British scrambling 

– the single has its fans in the classic 

scene too. 




54 This sporting world 

For 49 issues we’ve embraced off-road 

motorcycle sport, here’s a flavour of 

where we’ve been. 


62 Feet-up in Kinlochleven 

A new event in a traditional trial area, 

Leven Valley’s twinshock two-day trial 

was a success. 




44 Rebuilding to ride 

Rapid progress has been made on the 

bits of our Project 90, a lot of them are in 

where they should be. 


48 Dirt Products 

Got something of interest to the dirt 

bike world? Let us know and we’ll tell 

everyone else… we’re like that you see. 


50 Tech Talk 

Do you remember how many tech tips 

we’ve sought out for you? No? Here’s a 

few of them.

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