May/Jun 2019
May/Jun 2019   

Classic Racer - May/Jun 2019

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006 Classic Racer archive 

A couple of beautiful photographs in glorious full colour that capture unique moments in the racing history of the two-wheeled world  


010 The CR Crossword 

Second lap in and the CR Crossword is doing well. The times are quick and the handling’s spot-on. So let’s focus on getting our collective heads down, tucking in for a blast down the back straight of racing knowledge.  


012 Readers write 

More missives from your excellent racing brains and memories over the past couple of months. Laid bare on the pages for all to see.  


015 Paddock Gossip 

Malcolm’s spend time in the USA over the past few weeks, but that hasn’t stopped him scouring the corners of the paddock for news and bits of info that you’ll find interesting.  


022 Line Art 

Mick Ofield’s masterful artwork adorns the CR pages once again, with this fine portrayal of 1985 VF750F Superbike. A works bike, these things were much more factory-spec than they looked at a casual glance.  


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028 Under the skin: Honda’s factory RC45- the world Superbike 

Sir Alan of Cathcart delves deep into the world of the bikes that took the Honda RC30 concept and moved it on by a country mile. Just looking at the servos under the seat, for the linked braking, is sign enough that this bike was just outrageously interesting.  


038 Carl Fogarty: I created a MONSTER! 

In his most frank interview ever, the WSB racer who went on to win a TV popularity show about eating grubs and bits of a kangaroo, tells all about how and why he was like he was when he was racing.  


044 1986 Suzuki TSR Heron 500 

It wasn’t straightforward engineering that made this bike stand out from under its Skoal Bandit clothes in the mid-1980s, it was clever combination of composite products. Here’s the photographic detail.  

052 In the chair- The Mick Boddice story 

Right from the start, Mick was a boy fascinated with speed and engines. The Story of how that turned into a racing icon who was immortalised on a Manx coin is a fascinating one.  


062 CR focus: JB racing- Two Wheel Classics 

The first in a look at some of the biggest names in the classic racing scene. In this issue, we visit Jim Blomley and his Two Wheel Classics business to find out the story behind the name.  


066 Steve Machin’s TR2B special  

This is what happens when you take (effectively) a Yamaha AS3 Special and have a hankering to make a 350 with some ideal handling and effective geometry. Lovely. 


074 The Road Racers. A story 

In 1977 something special happened in a Galaxy far, far away. No, not that story…we’re talking about David Wallace’s incredible documentary film about those racers known as the Armoy Armada. Road racing business at its very hardest.   


084 Bathurst Part Two: The 1980s  

The bikes got faster, the track stayed the same and the fans lapped up the ensuing carnage. It was a time to revel in the majesty of the Australian event that delivered some pretty impressive action.  

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