Issue 351
Issue 351   

Fast Bikes - Issue 351

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Fast Bikes April 2019 


April 2019 Issue OUT NOW!  


£4k thrills! Honda CBR650 launch! Project Ninja! This edition of Fast Bikes has got it all!  


As always, this April’s issue of Fast Bikes magazine is packed with product guides, a masterclass to service your brakes and a bucketlist to make your 2019 even better.  


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…Engine refreshing. Nick Morgan from MSS Kawasaki tells us all we need to know. 



Are the very latest superbikes the very best? To find out we took a pair of naughty noughties superbikes out for a blast. 



With rev limits getting higher and higher, we investigate what engine changes have made this possible. 



It’s about time Dangerous Bruce took control of his Gixer, so this month he has been concentrating on exactly that. 




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