December 2017
December 2017   

Real Classic - December 2017

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Winter drawers on! We’ve been waiting all year to make that joke. We have also decked the halls with boughs of holly for the fabulous festiveness that is RC164. The December issue of the monthly RealClassic magazine is indeed a veritable cornucopia of classic motorcycling. And some dodgy old bikes. And even a shock-horror-hold-the-front-page new one!  

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Ariel’s Square attracts many admirers, but the average Britbike fan might feel a touch intimidated by its appearance of intricacy. Roger Slater reveals that fettling the famous engine isn’t actually as tricky as it might seem 



Odgie’s endeavour to turn a slightly tubby unit construction 650 twin into a svelte dirt scrambler continues. This month, wheels sprout spokes and mudguards get bashed 



Ever more retro roadsters are hitting the street, and ever more RC readers ask for details. So here’s a single-cylinder street scrambler which mixes all mods cons with classic credentials. Will Editor Westworth be impressed? 



Bikes packed with character tend to attract owners of a similar ilk. Odgie finds a pre-war Norton single with more history then you can shake an overhead camshaft at 



Back in the 1970s, some owners of BSA singles might’ve gone the Gold Star route to extract more oomph from their original engine. Others opted for a twin-cylinder solution. We’ve discovered a stealthy street-sleeper, a TriBSA so subtle you might just miss what makes it so special 


TRIUMPH 2-STROKE PROTOTYPE                      

Everyone knows about the Ariel 2-stroke twins, but how’s about the Triumph nearly-rival? Alan Cathcart borrowed the only example, built in the 1950s, and which didn’t quite set the world alight 



Thinking of buying an MOV, MAC, MSS, Viper or Venom? Veloce built pushrod singles for nearly four decades so you’ve an extensive array to evaluate. Rowena Hoseason kicks some virtual tyres on your behalf 


PLUS we go behind the scenes at BSA in the mid-1960s, when there was big trouble brewing at Small Heath; get technical with an investigation into wet sumping; RC readers discuss MoTs, Norton’s 650SS, BSA B50s, Beesa bearings and beefy Benellis; Jacqueline Bickerstaff discovers a hot-air engine, and Frank Westworth left the safety of The Shed to spend a splendid day at the National Motorcycle Museum. 


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