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Scootering - August 2018

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03 Welcome letter from the Editor
A warm welcome to the August issue of

06 Kickstart
The upfront section with all the
latest news, views and product reviews!

14 Eclipse
Winning trophy after trophy, this
scooter is something to behold, delivering
unforgettable looks and engineering.

21 Rally Reports: EuroLambretta & VWD
The big two single marque clubs’ annual
European rallies; and for the second year
running Stan managed the double!

31 Rally Report: Big 7
With the dates of so many other
events clashing, some thought that the
Big 7 National Scooter Rally might suffer.
They were wrong.

35 Rally Report: Animal Antics
Armthorpe Animals SC’s Rally delivered
an ‘old skool’ alternative scooter rally
with a modern twist!

38 Cerberus
Since it appeared on the custom
scene, Dave Stewart’s fantastic custom
chopper has attracted lots of interest
and debate… for all the right reasons.

44 Mailbox
Readers’ letters, laughs, feedback
and fury – get it off your chest man!

46 Show Us Your Scoots
The best of our readers rides this
month as sent in by you.

48 Subscriptions
Get your mag delivered straight to
your door, save money, and gain access
to all the benefits of the exclusive
‘Scootering Extra’ subs-club.

51 Quantum Leap
Though scooter racing had dropped
out of the limelight by the mid-1970s,
championships were still there to be won,
and Richard Wilfang was in it to win it.
This is his story…

56 NK1 The legendary NK1 – Vespa Racer.
This is a scooter with a true racing
pedigree, developed and constructed
from a special relationship.

62 The halcyon days of 1970s scooter racing
A Vespa enthusiast and an ex Lambretta
racer set aside brand allegiances for one
common bond… the love of scooters.

67 The price is right (or is it?)
Everything was cheaper back in the
day, wasn’t it? Was it really though?

72 Reghams Dominator
Sometimes, an original design is so
good it can’t be bettered, but that doesn’t
mean it shouldn’t be brought up to date…
the Reghams Dominator is reborn.

78 Put a lid on it! AVG factory visit
Thinking of buying a new helmet? Stan
gets an insider’s view on what to look for
when choosing a new lid.

83 Club Do’s & Events
Your essential guide to the scene
– What, Where & When!

88 Scootering Words & Sounds
The best of scootering words and
music as reviewed by Nik & Sarge.

91VCB Club page
Gary Robertson tells us about
the forthcoming Two Channels Dash.

92 BSSO Report – Lydden Hill
Paul Green brings us his actionpacked
report from Lydden Hill scooter
racing weekend.

97 Dealer Focus: 60 years on, and still going strong
One in a handful of 1950s dealers still
active, Ron Daley gave us an insight into
his family business.

100 The King is Dead, Long Live the King
Scooterists everywhere mourned the end
of PX200 production but thanks to Ron
Daley it’s still possible to buy a new
example of this iconic machine.

107 Tech Torque: Essential scooter
maintenance with Stu Owen

You never know when you might have a
breakdown, so what parts and tools should
you carry ‘just in case?’ Stu reports...

112 Batman Returns
Forget Keaton, Clooney and
Bale. For Scootering readers, Lightfoot
may be the greatest name yet to be
associated with the Caped Crusader...

118 Club Focus: Vespa Club Moscow
During his trip to Russia, Rik went to meet
up with the thriving Vespa Club of Moscow
to check out their take on the scooter
scene and Vespa ownership.

121 Scooter Trader
All the sales and classifieds
for you to peruse.

128 Dave’s Nostalgic Custom Corner
Nostalgia master Dave Oakley, pulls out
another stunning blast from the past
– this month it’s The Greatest Love of All.
It nearly didn’t make the cut though...

130 Reader’s Ride
Our favourite road ridden
scooter this month, it’s always something
special. Take an oil company and remove
one letter – it’s Hell!