April 2021
April 2021   

Steam Days - April 2021

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Steam nostalgia and railway history at its best, Steam Days is the monthly magazine dedicated to all steam railway enthusiasts.

Steam Days covers the six regions of British railways in each edition; Western, Southern, London, Midland, Eastern, and Scottish, with the occasional article on Irish railways and the industrial scene.

Packed with fully illustrated articles, Steam Days also covers the history of the railways of Great Britain from the early days of the 1800s through to the end of steam on British Railways in August 1968. The brand new April edition of Steam Days includes:

LMS ‘4MT’ 2-6-4Ts on the North Eastern Region
Remembered for their accomplished work on the Bradford portion of express trains serving Leeds, in BR days the ‘4MT’ 2-6-4Ts of LMS origin enjoyed a variety of work in the West Riding and elsewhere on the North Eastern Region, with Fowler, Stanier and Fairburn engines all allocated.

Locomotives of Carlisle Canal engine shed
Roger Griffiths and John Hooper consider the changing allocation of this former North British Railway depot, which encompassed some 275 different steam locomotives across the LNER and BR years.

Great Western Railway’s French Atlantics
Andrew Wilson relates how Churchward’s bold decision to test three French Compound Atlantics had long-term repercussions on British express locomotive design.

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