Jun/Jul 2019
Jun/Jul 2019   

Classic Scooterist Magazine - Jun/Jul 2019

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4 Back when we had hair 

Nostalgic memories from times gone by 


9 Mailbox 

Readers have their say 


10 Scooterama 

A felicitous fanfare of facts, feedback and faces 


15 What’s going on? 

With so much going on, here's a quick look at what’s on the calendar 


18 Event roundup 

A quick glance at recent events 


24 An artistic tribute 

Lee De-valls Lambretta Series 1 


28 Lambretta Model C Racer 

Lee Abraham’s dream of a ride 


32 Soul Shoutin’ 

A Mod called Joe and his Spanish Motovespa 


36 Restoration or rustoration?  

Ian Vanes-Jones finally makes a decision 


42 Past inspiration 

Mick Maidment’s Grimstead- inspired SS180 


46 Back in the day 

Trojan works gymkhana 


48 Three of the best 

Jason Hudson’s 200cc Lambretta collection 


52 As good as new 

A Lambretta ‘S’ Type built by an ‘S’ Type pioneer 


56 A lifetime of Vespa Passion  

The Peter Rose story 


60 Lotus-themed TV200 

Mark Saul’s original loft find 


64 Arsenal-themed Lambretta TS1  

Scooters and football – a never-ending story for Dean Lloyd 


68 MB’s ‘S’ Type resurrection 

All was not quite what it seemed… 


72 Last of the line 

Richard Gabb’s Vespa PX200 


76 Snowy’s LD Riviera 

Long neglected, but now back on the road again 


79 Classic Vespa rear brake lever removal 

An answer to the mysterious problem 


80 Lambretta braking issues 

How to replace the rear brake cable stop 


82 Scooter clubs 

Meet and greet your local club 


86 Scooterist classifieds 

For all your wants and needs 


90 Blast from the past 

Marlene wows the Italians! 

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