Bookazine - Classic Superbikes
Bookazine - Classic Superbikes   

Bookazine - Classic Superbikes

Frank Melling
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Classic Superbikes

A classic superbike is a motorcycle which has universal appeal, regardless of your age or riding experience. It’s the bike you dream of riding - or dream about having a dream about riding! Classic Superbikes are achingly desirable even to non-motorcyclists.

Bikes like this are inspirational, in a loin-tingling way, and their stories need to be told with passion, enthusiasm and flair. These are not bikes for the measured tone and the meticulous recording of fuel consumption figures. Classic superbikes are about laying your life, or marriage, on the line just for the chance to ride one. In this book every chapter fizzes across the page like a rogue firework, engaging the reader and leaving them wanting more.


Book Details

Paperback: 132 page  full colour, perfect bound bookazine.
Author: Frank Melling
Publisher: Mortons Media Group Ltd.
ISBN: 978-1-911639-20-6