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Binder - Real Classic A4 (POST Issue 100)
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Binder - Real Classic A4 (POST Issue 100)
Binder - Real Classic A4 (POST Issue 100)

Binder - Real Classic A4 (POST Issue 100)

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RealClassic Magazine Binder (Issue 100+)

No need to leave magazines cluttering up the kitchen table. Keep your collection of RealClassic magazines under control with one of our smart and sophisticated binders...

It's entirely possible that dedicated readers could have 80-odd issues of RealClassic scudding around the house which is a situation almost guaranteed to create domestic conflict - and we wouldn't want that, oh no. So we offer our solution in the shape of the RealClassic magazine binder, which is designed to fit RC's dimensions perfectly and comes in navy blue with silver lettering.

You wiggle the magazines into place using the cord inserts, of which there are 12, although getting more than 10 magazines in can be a bit of a struggle. Once filled, the RC binder can stand proudly on your bookshelf where it would not look out of place alongside the Encyclopaedia Britannica, perhaps, or the Times Atlas Of The World or some other decently heavyweight work of reference (the Aga Cookbook?).