January 2020
January 2020   

Classic American - January 2020

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Plymouth Fury Suburban is the Jolly Green Gian with an easy-living charm in the January 2020 issue of Classic American magazine!

As ever, Classic American magazine is packed with the best classic American muscle features, the best from our events, striking pictures of some awesome machines plus MUCH more!

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1972 Plymouth Fury Suburban

Mark Simon’s 1972 Plymouth Fury Suburban might look a little scruffy, but that’s part of its easy-living charm, as Jon Cass discovers from its proud and enthusiastic owner…

1959 Buick Ambulance

This magnificent ambulance must have saved a few lives in its time, and now one lady has returned the favour − Dr Kimberley Knapman brought the museum-stored Buick back to the land of the living…

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E

Huw Evans discovers that while Ford’s latest take on the EV stirs some controversy in the name stakes, it also packs some neat features…

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