March 1999
March 1999   

Classic Bike Guide - March 1999

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Two BSAs
Actually, there are three BSA twins here, but two of them are A7s, so we thought we would stretch a point. Mr Minton, who wrote the story, starts it off with an amusingly personal anecdote, which makes a change from the usual.
Rod Through The Cases
Rod Ker, no stranger to seasonal climatic activity himself, chooses instead to discuss the fabled new Norton, along with other porcine aviators. Handsome new pic of the man himself, too.

Bendswingin' .
Dave Minton engages in a well reasoned request for a freedom from explosions. A strange idea, coming from a man with a stated fondness for big old bangers, but there you go. There's a bit of memory scratching, too.

We Were There
On New Year's Day, The Bath ClassicClub bold a trip through the military's proving ground on Salisbury Plain. Any claims that a certain Triumph 'went like a bomb' could therefore hold more truth than we realised. It rained, too, plenty of weather.

We Were There, too
One New Year's Day. . . oh, does this sound familiar. By way of a seasonal contrast, classic riders in Southern California went out on The Ride For The Roses. It was gloriously sunny, they all had a brilliant time, and they found absolutely no Weather at all despite looking for it!

Down The Road Apiece
This month, Steve's road takes him to meet a most unusual electrical problem solves. Packed with pithy observation and wit, as ever.

Two Cruisers
When Triumph launched their Thunderbird Sport a year or two back, many were those who were quick to point out the exhaust system's similarity to that on Triumph's Hurricane X75, many years earlier Rod Ker rode SRM's BSA twin based cruiser, the X6S, and creatively compared it to the new Triumph. Hmmm.

Fast As A Bullet
Meanwhile, Mr.Steve Wilson cast his experienced limbs around an Indian Enfield (an Infield). But this was no ordinary Bullet; this was a breathed upon caff style Bullet, with bigger bangs and more go than most!

A Norton Tiddler
Norton built 350 Manx.Manx racers, but they never built a 250 Manx racer. Did they? Nigel Clark has found one that got away...

Riding Our Own
Our Editor; quaintly recognisable in pink and lilac riding jacket, puts rubber to tarmac aboard his Ariel Four. They don't come much rustier than either of them, although only one has an MoT

Spanner ln The Works
Tangled up in hues That's a sort of song pun, by the way. Chris Read, our resident Man Who Knows, explains how to make light work of your wiring. Ho ho. Ahern...

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