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Classic Bike Guide - August 2018

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004 From the archive
We’ve searched for some of
George Brough’s exploits including
‘Old Nick’ and ‘Moby Dick’

010 BSA Royal Star
A great example that sometimes, just
sometimes slightly less is more

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024 News
Norton release more information
about their 650cc Scrambler, Triumph
are recruiting apprentices and
more goings on in our world

028 What’s on
Pack your hamper, clean your
goggles and get out there! Let
us know of any we’ve missed

032 Buying Guide – Matchless G9
Forever in the shadows of Triumph
and BSA, but the G9 and AJS
Model 20 are good bikes

042 Buying Guide – Panther 120
Phelon and Moore’s last
hurrah – the Panther 120 is
more than just a sidecar tug

050 Buying Guide – Rickman Metisse
The real café racer almost never
happened. With Interceptor
power, it’s a hard bike to beat

056 New Classics – Brough Superior SS100
It’s new in all but name. Does this
new incarnation of the most famous
of motorcycles live up to everyone’s
expectations? (Give you a clue – it’s great)

064 Letters
Let us know your thoughts – anything
you’d like to say? Go on!

066 Archive poster
A cracking portrait of the Royal Tank
Corps team from the 1938 ISDT

068 Steve Cooper
Steve has a little disagreement…

070 Paul Miles
Poor Paul – he’s done his back in

072 Paul D’Orléans
Paul looks back at the history of American
motorcycles with parallels of today

074 Wheels and Waves
Bikes, racing and surf, in the South of
France. Some great bikes and characters

078 Bakker CBX
One of Honda’s greatest engines framed
by one of the greatest frame builders

084 Honda CBX – the restoration
We look at the Honda CBX1000 on
its 40th anniversary, with an in-depth
restoration of this huge machine

090 New Classics – SWM Six days 450
With looks faithful to the original, a fun
450cc engine and it doesn’t cost the
earth; the SWM six days is a pleasure

094 Products
A helmet that’s super quiet, some
good, affordable gloves and a
brake light for your helmet!

096 Honda PC50 – restoration
Two gentlemen revive one of Honda’s
charming mopeds on a tight budget

103 What we’ve been up to
Matt’s been admiring Honda’s
little touches, while Steve gets
hurt and Oli replaces his tank

105 In the workshop – Adjust your primary chain
Oli adjusts his Triumph T140 primary chain

110 Next month
We have some great bikes for you
next month, including a Triumph
Bobber, Suzuki’s RE5, the Shetland
classic show and how to recommission
a bike that’s been resting

112 Reader ads
The sun is out so treat yourself!

130 Last Word
Frank meets a friend in the sun
for a perfect day’s riding