October 2018
October 2018   

Classic Bike Guide - October 2018

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004 From the archive
Sammy Miller goes giant-hunting on his Aerial

010 Ariel racer
One man’s mission to create a homage
to an early road racer – for the road

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023 News
Shows, deals and more in our world

027 Shetland classic
CBG (well, Oli) braved the miles to bring
you some great bikes from the most
Northerly classic show in the UK

034 The ultimate replica
Got £110,000 you need to spend? How about a
true replica of Hailwood’s T T-winning Ducati?

038 Young guns - Malle Mile and Cafe Racer Cup
Fancy a new type of bike weekend?
We try out the Malle Mile and the Café
Racer Cup – and have a brilliant time

044 Classic T T
What we found at this year’s Classic T T festival

052 Buying Guide – Norton Dominator Model 99
Great name – but does the
600cc twin live up to it?

060 Guying guide – Greeves Essex twin
These can be cracking bikes, but
what are they like to live with?

066 Archive poster
Greeves in flight, with Dave Bickers as pilot

068 Buying guide – Suzuki T250 Hustler
Quite simply, one of the best
early Japanese twins

076 Steve Cooper
Some days Steve wishes he
didn’t have a workshop…

078 Paul Miles
Paul is turning to the world of really
old bikes; and likes what he sees

080 Paul D’Orleans
Riding hundreds of pre-1929 bikes 3600 miles
across America? Of course Paul is joining in

082 Products
We test screwdrivers, pens and barrels, so
you know what’s good and what isn’t – like
Oli’s ‘too cheap to refuse’ valve compressor…

084 What’s on
There’s still sun and the nights are still
holding out, so get out there

086 Letters
Let us know your stories and
send in your photographs

089 What we’ve been up to
Steve’s been repairing a tank, Oli has been
ripping a Z650 apart, while Matt can't
remember where he’s put anything...

090 How to photograph your bike – the professional
We get one of the best in the business to
share his secrets to a great bike photograph

093 Competition – show us your bike!
We’ve teamed up with Carole Nash to pick
the best photograph of your bike – and
you could have your bike on their stand
at a premier bike show as well as your
photograph beautifully mounted and framed

096 How to – Strip and rebuild a two-stroke
This month we look into what it
takes to strip a two-stroke twin

104 BSA B31 restoration
From tired but complete to better
than new – we followed Tony
Clements through his B31 story

110 Reader ads
Beyond here lies the promise of the
bike you’ve been missing…

126 Next month 
We’ll bring you Triumph’s Tiger Cub,
a BSA Trackmaster, Honda’s Black

130 Frank’s last word
Frank’s chums leave him a little bewildered….

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