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Classic Racer - Mar/Apr 2018

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006 Classic Racer Archive
Three great images from
moments in time when
the racing was pure and
those who did it took no
prisoners. These photos
come directly from the
Morton’s Media Archive
and you can buy your own
copies of any image in there
– details are throughout this
very magazine. Check it out.

012 ReadersWrite
Another passage of time
has passed us by and the
Classic Racer postbag once
again bulges with missives
from the masses about all
things racing and classic.
A fine combination.

015 Paddock Gossip
Malc’s been out and
about and buried deep in
conversation with many
like minds for another slice
of racing life fromthe four
corners (plus that grubby
bit by the bins) of the
paddock. Here’s what he
found out.

020 Line Art:
Mr Schwantz’s GSX-R750

Seldom will you seeamore
perfect example of lines
that cause an emotion
in men and women of a
certain age. This particular
motorcycle was just made
to be remembered.

026 Mick Doohan:
In his own words

So Mick Doohan was a great
rider but not much of a
racing motorcycle developer
right? Wrong. Mickwas the
complete racing package,
which is why he stood on
topof the pile for so long.
The five-times 500GPWorld
Champion explains howhe
did what hedid on some of
the meanest motorcycles
on Earth.

036 Hailwood’s BSA-3
An up close and personal
look at the 1971motorcycle
that was instrumental
in the rise of Hailwood.
Mechanical prettiness laid
large for all to see.

044 Tangerine Dream:
The Roy Hanks story
Sidecars aren’t the easiest
of things to get going well.
The Hanks clan could do it
on three wheels and two.
It’s a dynastic tale that has
long needed to be told.

052 The first Ducati 350
It was the creation of
a Californian road
race champion and it
showed Ducati and the
racing world just what
happens if you give the
Italian metal some extra
size, which, in the 1960s,
was something of a novel
idea. Frank Scurria saw
the potential…

060 Alan Carter’s
book: Part two
More from the
monumental book about
Alan Carter’s life on and
off track at a time long lost
to history.When a young
Carter was tagged‘The
Next Barry Sheene’ it was
either going to go well or
go bust. Read this.

066 The 1975 Dutch TT
Significant for one reason
above all else – the1975
DutchTT at Assen was the
first time a Sheene, B had
stood on top of the podium
in the 500cc class. Jan
Burgers tells the story.

072 Radar: Wrenching for the best
Dave‘Radar’Cullen is the
man whose face you almost
certainly recognise, even if
you have no idea who he is.
His story though, now THAT
really is a recollection full of
the glory days.

078 The 25th Anniversary
Phillip Island Classic
Ourman Hamish headed
out to the‘other’ Island to
take in the sights, smells
and sounds of a quarter of a
century of classic fun Down
Under. Lucky sod.

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