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Classic Racer - Jul/Aug 2018

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006 Archive joy
Three moments from racing history deserving
of your time, to take in fully and appreciate. Big
images early on–what CR is about.

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014 ReadersWrite
Two months have passed since we saw you last
and there’s been quite a bit going on. Here’s a good
place to vent or reminisce in a family-friendly way.

017 Paddock Gossip
Malc’s been out and about gathering the
interesting stories from the classic racing world.
Here’s his pick of the most important things to

024 Line Art
In 1991 the quarter-litre motorcycle to be on was
the Honda RS250 and this issue of CR brings you
more exquisite art from the pen of Mick Ofield that
isolates the lines of this mini-masterpiece.

028 The ELFV4 500. Scary
It stood alone as a particular monster at the time,
one of the most difficult motorcycles there has ever
been to go fast on. Forward thinking engineering
or a huge blip in the long history of 500GP bikes?

036 Geoff Duke: The Lost Interview
An eye-opening, tell-all from the late Geoff  Duke
in an interview that until recently was thought lost.
One lucky find gives us the thoughts of the great
man for one last, fresh, time.

044 Rutter’s Classic Ducati
Jan De Vos is the man behind the Redfox Grinta
Ducati that powered Michael Rutter around the
Mountain Course last year. Classic Racer sidelined
the bike for a clothes-off look at what makes a
motorcycle like this move so fast.

052 The Brittens
Terry Stevenson takes a look at the story and the
legacy of one of the most interesting motorcycle
concepts of all time, and why it’s endured with
such a unique sector of racing reverence amongst
racing fans.

058 Legends line up
Randy and the Trailblazers might sound like a
brilliant name for a rock and roll MotoGP band
but the truth of the matter is that both have had a
pretty incredible couple of months. One became a
bona fide legend nonetheless.

060 Formula 750.When the big guns came out
Part two of Phil Wain’s appreciation of the big class
in the 1970s that drewbig crowds, big names and
big money. Nothing small about the Formula 750s
or the superstars who enjoyed them.

066 The 1975 Swedish 500 Grand Prix
Barry Sheene goes out in search of his second top
of the podium in the premier class. Anderstorp
always was good for an extra bit of drama in the
500cc world.

072 ‘Dahn under, cobba’
A review of the classic scene in the southern
hemisphere by Classic Racer’s Hamish Cooper. Lots
of action and some huge events keep the fans
happy and the racing furiously close.

084 On Track
Endurance Legends, CRMC and BHR action from
various outings over the past two months.