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Classic Racer - Sep/Oct 2018

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006 From the Archive
Three magnificently captured moments in time for
you to enjoy at your leisure before one gets into
the meat on the bones of this issue of Classic Racer.

012 Readers Write
Several weeks have passed since last we met on
the pages here. And there’s so much to say!

015 Paddock Gossip
Malcolm’s missives from the four corners of the
classic racing paddock. Just as you’d expect.

022 Line Art
Another of Mick Ofield’s wonderful studies in
the art of making fast things. This month it’s the
1977 Kawasaki KR750.

024 Subscribe to Classic Racer
It’s an easy thing to do and here are the details
you need. You save money by subscribing. It’s a
financially good thing.

028 Takazumi Katayama’s 350
At a time when the factory effort was quick,
but not quite quick enough, one idea appeared
and people with vision pounced upon it. The
result was wonderfully effective. Not simple, but

036 The Missing Crooks Suzuki
The story of a search that’s been ongoing in the
hunt for a specific motorcycle from the ages.

044 So nearly different…
The moment that left Freddie Spencer bereft
of hope for the double. And it was all down to
Christian Sarron on Dutch soil.

047 The Proddie TT
Half a century ago, the Proddie class appeared to
take on The Mountain – it’s been a thrilling battle
ever since.

054 When Grown Men Cried
Mike the Bike’s finest hour. TT 1978.

056 Don Vesco
Classed a real ‘speed demon’ across four decades.
Yep, 40 flippin’ fast years. Here’s his story.

063 Mario Lega
The world’s fastest (and some could argue) most
successful telephone engineer. What a story!

069 Pre-TT Classic
The excellent John Watterson takes us through
the ins and outs of what happened at the
Pre-TT 2018.

078 Final Call
Jan Burgers closes out the 1975 GP season with
his usual look at some of the most iconic races
and racers of all time.

084 On Track
BHR and the CRMC – three rounds between

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