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Classic Racer - Nov/Dec 2018

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006 Archive
Selections of photographic excellence this
issue from Don Morley, Mark Wernham and
Nick Nicholls. Each one, exceptional.

012 Letters
It’s been a long time since your last set
of thoughts, motivations and vocal
outpourings about the world in which
classic racing happens.

015 Paddock Gossip
Malcolm reports on the main points from
the wider world over the past couple of

028 Sito’s bikes
The quarter-litre class of GP racing in the
late 1980s was a hotbed of development
that sat underneath some of the most
exceptional riders of all time – Sito being
one of them. These are his two most
amazing bikes in close detail.

038 Jon Ekerold
The privateer who grabbed the factories
by the scruff of their collective necks and
showed them just what a privateer can do.

046 Alex Criville
At one meeting in particular, the Spaniard was
simply incredible.

050 Michael Scott
Joining the ranks of Classic Racer, Michael starts
off his time on these pages with a look back at a
slice of 1987. What a season that was.

060 Proddie Part Two
Phillip Wain continues his account of the big bikes
on the Island.

066 Classic TT
John Watterson files his report from the biggest
classic TT event ever. And John McGuinness
makes his racing comeback.

076 Fierce 3
The Irish season has been packed with close
racing, incident and shenanigans. Our man Mark
McCloskey has been there all season to watch it
close up. Here's what happened...

084 On track
Races from the season closers with CRMC and BHR.