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Motorcycle Sport & Leisure - June 2018

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7 News
It’s been a busy four weeks in the
motorcycling world. Stinger beware.

16 Products
New kit for both new and
not-so-new riders.

Get MSL cheaper and delivered to
your door BEFORE it gets in the
shops. Winner.

32 Maynard Hershon
A genuine enthusiast is identified by...

46 The High Sider
Racing from the sidelines.


48 Zoe Cano
Riding across the North bit of Middle
Earth. And not a hobbit in sight.

65 Touring news
It’s a festival full of ideas.

66 Day Ride
Belgium. And not a bun in sight.

70 Mid Ride
Czech Republic. And not a Brno-out
in sight. Sorry.

74 Richard Millington
On the subject of having a spare in
the cupboard. And Insurance.

76 Long Ride
Canada. That’s a looong way,
ayyyyyyy. Accent joke for the Hosers.


94 £100 Hound
Bertie has spent his own cash.
Not a lot of it, granted, but it
has landed him a VFR with
some work to do.

100 Au Revoir, Strom
Time for Mossy to wave a
tearful goodbye to his Suzuki.
He has loved this bike. Oh deer.

102 Bonjour, mille quatre vingt-dix
Entering the ring, from the
orange corner is the beginner’s
big boy Adventure bike. Roger
steps up to see what’s what.


10 Honda’s X-ADV
Looks like a nutter. Goes like a dream.
Funky all-round.

24 Yamaha’s Tracer 900 and 900 GT
More of this. More of that. More of
everything the old Tracer needed.

34 Honda’s CB1000R
Quicker than a ’Blade (to a point).
Looks terrific. Smells of avocado.

40 Triumph’s Speed Triple
Sharper. Meaner. Better looking
for 2018.

86 Moto Guzzi’s V7 specials
Three variations on a theme. The
theme is super cool Guzzis that stop
and go really well. We’re in.

112 Used test: Yamaha MT-10
Now is the time to buy and here’s
everything you need to know.


58 Taking the perfect TT photograph
It’s not luck. It’s art. Secrets revealed.

99 What’s on?
Things coming up in the biking
calendar that you might find
interesting to go to or ride in.

104 Coming classic
Spend your money here. Better than
a bank. And more fun (probably).

108 Tried & tested
Kit that we’ve ridden in and,
sometimes, crashed in. What’s
good and what’s not.

120 Reflections
Ducati’s 1979 Pantah. Essential
to what we now know as Ducati.

130 Kevin Cameron
Changing gear in a gear
changing world.

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