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Motorcycle Sport & Leisure - July 2018

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24 Yamaha NIKEN
World launch report on Yamaha’s
funkiest modern era motorcycle yet.
38 Harley-Davidson Sportsters
Will the 1200cc Evolution-engine
Sportsters live up to the US-led hype?
44 Ducati 1100 Scrambler
Does bigger always mean better?
Usually, yeah.
50 KTM790 Duke
More fun than a bouncy castle with
frogs. Better than a Triumph, too.
104 Used test: Honda CB1100EX
Big and bulky with a smile. Enough
about Mossy, what’s the bike like?
112 Classic test
Roland on the screamer that defined
two generations: Yamaha’s RD350LC

92 Kawasaki Z900RS
The modern retro rocket joins
the fleet. Hurrah for the 1970s.
94 Yamaha X-Max 400
Time to say goodbye to the
scoot that looks after you.
96 KTM1090 Adventure
The KTM gets its first service.
Does much need doing?

89 What’s on?
It’s the height of summer and there’s
so much to get out and see.
90 Coming classic
A fine place to put your monies.
This month, a Monster of a buy. Arf.
98 Tried & tested
Our favourite things to ride in (and on)
from dealers (probably) near you.
122 Kevin Cameron
Engines are always full of lubricating
oil, aren’t they? Er, not all the time.

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