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Motorcycle Sport & Leisure - August 2018

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60 Richard Millington
Booking hotels that are motorcycle
friendly. A tricky task, sometimes.
62 Day Ride
Who says you have to put up
with drab city landscapes
when you ride?
64 Mid Ride
Dreams come true with Barcelona
and the Spanish countryside.
68 Big Ride
Part two of a life-changing, affirming
trip to a music festival.

92 Kawasaki Z900RS
The retro’s keys are snapped up
with unseemly haste.
93 Honda X-ADV
Chris is falling in love with the
weird super scooter.
94 KTM 1090
Roger’s been fettling the
orange bike for the summer.

85 What’s On?
The best of everything to see and
do in the world of motorcycling.
86 Coming Classic:
Honda’s CBR600
Buying one is a potential minefield.
Bertie’s here to help you avoid a pup.
96 Tried & tested
Stuff for your bike and other useful
bits and bobs. All used by us.
122 Kevin Cameron
Four-stroke, yep. Two-stroke, a smelly
nirvana. One-stroke? Over to you KC.