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Motorcycle Sport & Leisure - September 2018

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7 News

The biggest stories in biking
this month – including genuine
from-the-bushes scoop photos!

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34 Timur Sardarov
MV Agusta’s money man shares
his vision for the future.

44 Products
Biking kit and gizmos to spice up
your ride... and your life.

48 Letters
You, the MSL reader, take over and
have your say.

50 Maynard Hershon
Bikes, girls and England. All the
way back in 1964.

52 The High Sider
Sporting prowess from hiding
behind the sofa and moaning at
the telly box.


16 BMWC400X
They had a rubbish World Cup, but the
Germans know how to make scooters.

26 KTM Freeride
If you want to venture right off the
tarmac, this is the way to do it in
quarter-litre style.

30 Redfox Grinta Ducati
Built for the Classic TT. This is a bike
you could make yourself.

38 Curtiss Zeus
Whether you love it or hate it, this
electric machine is certainly unique.

102 Used test: BMWK1600GT
There’s something about that
six-cylinder engine... not tomention
all those gizmos.

110 Classic test: Honda CB750
It’s a classic alright, but how does it
measure up these days?


55 Touring news
Always be yourself. If you can’t be
yourself, be like Ewan and Charley.

56 Toro Trail
English rider, German bike and
Spanish trails are the perfect mix.

61 Richard Millington
What if the bike you really want
doesn’t fit your image?

62 Day ride
Can you get from Essex to Ypres
and back in a day?

64 Mid ride
We love riding in Spain. This time
it’s the Pyrenees.

68 Long ride
Short nights, long fjords, cheap ferries
and expensive cheese in Norway.

74 Travel
From the four corners of the globe
they came (back).


90 Honda CB1000R+
Attention seeker’s delight!

92 KTM1090
Roger meets the ‘egg boys’.

93 Husqvarna 401
Ross enjoys the Black Arrow.

94 Kawasaki Z900RS
Classic looks or a classic ride?

95 Honda X-ADV
Chris changes his habits to suit.

96 Yamaha Tracer 900
It’s got what Paul needs.


77 Cagiva fest
If you want to see lots of Cagivas
in one place, this is it.

78 Moto Gymkhana
The boys are getting faster, sharper,
and still nowhere near the podium.

84 Tech talk: DVT
Three letters that make a big
difference – on a Ducati, that is.

87 What’s on?
Don’t miss these events in the
next few weeks.

88 One to come
Where to put your money if you’re
looking to the long term.

98 Tried & tested
Our real life tests tell the truth
behind the marketing spin.

122 Kevin Cameron
What wins races – the rider, the bike,
or something else altogether?