November 2005
November 2005   

Scootering - November 2005

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Feature scooters
Trafalgar (1805) - A tribute to the infamous battle
Vespa 90SS - Tuned small-frame classic
Crafty pair from Clacton - The ultimate cutdown Lambrettas?
Centrespread - Trafalgar (1805)
Madspeed - Street racer GP
Air-cooled accessory - Mk 2 LD150
Rule Britalia - Another GP street racer
Avengers - Kinky boots on a Vespa PX

Mersea Island
Liege, Belgium
Gathering of the Clans
NuTs in Brighton
Various dos & events

Blast from the past
Diana double bill - Diana Durkopp x 2
Collecting with the wee folk - Tales and toys from old...

YZ - Y Not? - Yamaha-engined Lambretta
Go Vespa, go GTS! - 2500 miles on a Vespa GTS 250
Oddity of the month - The Vespa powered Dolphin
‘Sei Giorni’ for racing eight laps - Vespa engineering from Germany
Scooter racing - Iggy has another go
plus regulars.

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