October 2013
October 2013   

Scootering - October 2013

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03 Editorial
So what it’s all about, eh?

06 News
All the latest scooter news, new products,
news from the trade and other stuff!

13NEW: Trigger Happy – the Young Guns Column
The scooter scene needs ‘new blood’ does it?
Well here they are... and this is what they
have to say.

15Workshop Essentials
Craig at Smalley Cross shares his ‘essential’
with us all.

17 Vespa Rally 200 Silver Jubilee Special
Last month’s questions answered

19 Scootering Sounds
If you’ve not got Bad Manners’ Ska ‘n’ B,
why not?

22 Cafe Racer
The star of our front cover, and also of the Isle
of Wight rally patch.

26 Feedback
Your letters, emails, personals, questions and
other stuff you’ve sent us.

48 Four guys, two continents, one big charity ride!
Cape Town to Dublin by scooter – and without
any back up vehicles either!

50 Cheesy Piece
A Rat rod from Germany called Porno
Hellraiser with a stick shift gear change.
Go on, admit you’re intrigued…

32 Blast From The Past
55 years ago this month… Gearing up for the
1958 Earls Court Motorcycle Show.

36 Gathering Dust
Four custom classics from decades past, still
around today.

40 Exclusive interview – Romolo Ferri (part 1)
From MV Agusta factory racer to Lambretta
record breaker; this is one heck of an
interesting man!

54 Club do’s & events
A calendar of scooter related events.

56 Return To The Bridge
The YSA attempts another world record.

58 Brighton Mod Weekender
The New Untouchables’ August bank
holiday gathering.

62 The Book of Scootering Rules – Forming a Scooter Club
Some advice from yesteryear before you take
the plunge!

65 Euroyeyé Mod & 60s Weekender
Held in sunny Gijon, Spain.

66 The Isle of Wight International Scooter Rally
Full coverage of the biggest event of its kind in
the world. Can you see yourself anywhere?

78 Mersea Island Rally
Basking in the Essex sunshine.

82 Coyotes 30th
Anniversary Rally
Celebrating north of the border.

84 Blue Moon
Dukesy recreates his personal blast from the
past with a Vespa PX Disc.

90 Recommended Listening
The latest albums and singles reviewed, by
us for you.

92 Specialized
An interview with the charitable Specials fan
and author, Paul Willo.

96 Spirito di Sei Giorni
Turning a silk purse into a silk purse, by way of
a sow’s ear and Iranian Vespa parts.

121 Scooter Trader
Classified and business advertising, for all
your scootering needs.

134 Scooter Clubs to Join From around the UK,
you’ll find contact details here.

104 Tech Torque
The technical letters page where no question
goes unanswered.

106 Back to Basics
This month we’re changing Lambretta
brake shoes.

109A Buyer’s Guide…
to the Vespa GTS Thinking of joining the darkside?
Read this to avoid any pitfalls.

114 NEW: Staff Scooters
Sharing tips, knowledge and experience from
our sheds, this month with Barrie’s Eibar and
Andy’s Li Series 3.

118 Specialist Services
Whatever you want, you’ll find them all
here. Hopefully.

138 Various Club Events

140 Scooter Travels
Papworth Ride to EuroLambretta,
Avignon 2013

146 Scooter Sport
BSSO racing at Mallory Park.

150 TV Speedster
Spanish Lambretta Series 2 with Porsche
influences and style.

154 Into The Sunset
Your tales of scooter trial and tribulations.

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