April 2016
April 2016   

Scootering - April 2016

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03 From the desk of the deputy editor
Never say die…

06 Kickstart
The latest product news, reviews,
and rumblings from the scooter scene.

14 Nostalgic Custom Corner
Scootering’s long-time lover Dave O
takes a look at another iconic machine.

18 Wicksteed
The BIG £100 bargain hunt, roll
up, roll up, four for a pound! Will our
intrepid duo find scooter part nirvana?

38 Reader competition
Vote for the magazine you want to
see reprinted. It’s all about you, baby!

42 Show us your scooters
Pictures of scooters sent to us by
you… it’s what we live for!

47 Mailbox
Your thoughts and views. We stare
eagerly at the letterbox every day, awaiting
your latest correspondence.

51 Trade Spotlight
This month we take a look into the
workshops of scooter tuner Darrell Taylor.

57 Review
Open face helmets, everything you
need to know.

61 70 Years of Vespa
We pay tribute to the anniversary of
Vespa’s birth. Plus extras including the
VCB and Norrie Kerr.

83 Club Do’s & Events
Your essential guide to the scene’s
what, where and when!

105 Never break down again
Pre-season checks everyone
should know how to do.

113 Dopo il Caffe!
He left Lamborghini to become
a travelling photographer – now our man
meets Australia’s best scooter mechanic.

119 Avoid grenading your engine
Darrell Taylor surveys the ins and outs of
compression and offers his top tips.

129 BSSO 2016
The teams, the scooters, the
riders and the sponsors – they’re all here
in this season preview.

133 Scooter Trader
Your sales and classifieds
section – including Specialist Services and
At a Glance.

145 Way Back When
Our look at you and your vintage
scooter pics.

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