September 2016
September 2016   

Scootering - September 2016

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03 Letter from the editor
A warm welcome to
September Scootering.

06 Kickstart
The front section with latest news,
views and product reviews!

14 Mr Voodoo custom scooter
No pins or potions, just awesome artwork.

22 Rally report
British Vespa days in words
and pictures.

25 Rally report
Exmouth National rally report,
images and write up from Stan.

31 Letters
Feedback and full throttle
responses from the readers.

32 Dealer spotlight
This month we look at all things
lovely and shiny with Quality Chrome of Hull.

43 Painting by numbers
Part 5 of our paintjob guide. This
month – flake!

49 TS1 Roll of Honour
The follow on from our TS1 30th
feature, with the best of readers scoots.

54 Show us your scooters
The best of the rest from the
readers – stunning rides.

70 Loco Wheels
How to con the wife into a
scootering holiday abroad!

78 Club Do’s & Events
Your essential guide to the scene
– What, Where & When!

90 Scootering Words & Sounds
The best of words and music as reviewed
by Nik and Sarge.

94 Small Faces Convention
Sarge gets down at the
20th convention.

96 Club Focus
Poole Inner Circle SC – a family affair.

99 Beyond Quadrophenia
Author Simon Wells delves into
the current projects which stem from the
cult classic.

105 Tino Sacchi – Part 2: The Product
Our in-house Italian stallion Christian
Giarrizzo takes a peek at Tino’s
shiny equipment.

121 Tech Torque
Bang for Buck tuning: Part 5
of the SIL 200 tuning developments –
this month Darrell delves into exhausts
(and clubmans).

127 BSSO 2016 #6
Thrills and spills at Lydden.

131 Scooter Trader
Your sales and classifieds
section – including Specialist Services
and At a Glance.

144 Haynes Museum
Nik Skeat takes a look at the
plethora of iconic machines on display.

146 Into The Sunset
Another amusing scooter
story from the past.

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