December 2016
December 2016   

Scootering - December 2016

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03 Letter from the editor
A warm welcome to
December Scootering.

06 Kickstart
The front section with all the latest
news, views and product reviews!

14 Amy – stunning tribute custom scooter
The Queen of Camden realised in
scooter art.

23 Rally report
BSRA – Bridlington seven-page
special report.

31 Letters
Feedback and full throttle
responses from the readers.

36 Soul Surfer
Cool as you like, Super Monza
surf scooter.

46 Dealer spotlight
This month we nosey behind the
scenes of Piaggio dealer Go Full Throttle.

52 Javelin five-speed custom Lambretta
A very shiny SX five-speed peach of
a scooter.

58 North Coast 500
Wee Stevie Adair shares the trip of
a lifetime.

63 Inlet flappy things for power
Stu Owen delves into the history of the
first reed-valve Lambretta.

68 A Touch of Velvet – a Sting of Brass
Inspiring AF Rayspeed themed custom
from the AFSC.

74 Show us your scooters
The best of the rest from the
readers stunning rides.

77 House of Lambretta: Part 2
Christian Giarrizzo investigates the
250cc racer with Vittorio Tessera.

82 Club Do’s & Events
Your essential guide to the scene
– What, Where & When!

87 Scootering Words & Sounds
The best of words and music as reviewed
by Nik & Sarge.

92 Club Focus
We go down under with Southsiders
Scooter Club.

95 Tech Torque
Stu Owen continues his new winter
feature – Scooter Restoration Guide – Part 2.

100 Theo – The Oddball Vespa
An unusual custom Vespa… you’ll see.

102 Tech Torque
Dan continues the Vespa tuning
and upgrades section – this month to fit
and dyno the BGM177 kit.

108 Disc Lambretta
A Lambretta that’s made almost
entirely out of, well, discs!

115 Tech Torque
Darrell Taylor takes us through
service schedules, with a few surprises
in store!

120 Pole Position T5
A Vespa tribute to F1
racing legends.

124 Scooter Sprinting Report
Darrell Taylor reports on recent sprinting

128 BSSO 2016 review
Paul Green looks back at an
amazing year on the track.

131 Scooter Trader
Your sales and classifieds
section – including Specialist Services &
at a glance.

144 DNCC
Dave’s Nostalgic Custom Corner
with another historical gem.

146 Way Back When
Classic images from the archive.

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