February 2019
February 2019   

Scootering - February 2019

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03 Welcome letter from the Editor 

A warm welcome to the February issue  

of Scootering. 


06 Kickstart 

The upfront section with all the  

latest news, views and product reviews! 


14 Feature scooter: Witches Brew 

Witches Brew is the result of hard work,  

research, an eye for detail, accuracy  

and authenticity. Turn to p14 and see  

for yourself… 


24 Feature scooter: Barracuda 

Vorsprung Durch Technik – check out  

this beautiful 250cc rotary valve, fuel  

injected Lambretta, complete with CNC  

milled engine case! 


32 The same but different: what goes on in Saigon? 

In Vietnam a tuned VBB is called  

standard, but a factory fresh PX125  

isn’t… strange. Once again, Stan finds 

out just what goes on in Saigon. 


36 Feature scooter: Fast Tribute 

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery 

then Ducati should be ecstatic at the sight 

of Chiemgauvespa Tec Production’s (CTP) 

latest creation. 


42 Riding the Ho Chi Minh Trail Part 1: The Learning Curve 

Stunning scenery, extreme weather and  

some of the most challenging roads in  

Asia. This October seven riders tackled  

the ride from Saigon to Hanoi. Our Stan  

was one of them. 


48 Subscriptions 

Get your mag delivered to the  

door, earlier than newsstands, and save 

money… cool. Plus – gain access to all 

the benefits of the ‘Scootering Extra’  


51 Mailbox 

Readers’ letters, laughs, feedback  

and fury – get it off your chest man! 


52 Feature scooter: Cooler King 

The Great Escape is a truly classic movie, 

which at some stage had to be developed 

into a themed scooter. Dewey Franklin  

provided the skill to make that happen  

for Bob and Karen Bush. 


58 Kevin’s Chronicles 

Part 2 of our homage to scooter  

legend Kev Walsh. This episode unravels 

the story behind the Tudor museum of  

lost treasures. 


62 Vespa Parade Paris 

What better surroundings for a  

Vespa parade than the great city of Paris? 

Stunning images and a fascinating report  

from this fabulous event. 


72 Club Do’s & Events 

Your essential guide to the scene 

– What, Where & When! 


76 Scootering Words & Sounds 

The best of scootering words and music 

as reviewed this month by Nik, Sarge  

and Jordan. 


80 Feature scooter: Rallymaster 

Now residing at the Lambretta museum,  

this beautiful example built by James  

King shows this model at its very best. 


86 Tech Torque: Building a Lambretta or Vespa Street Racer 

Stu Owen brings us Part 5 of his winter  

tech series, his guide to building a  

Lambretta and Vespa Street Racer.  

This month: Brakes and suspension 


92 Simply the best? 

It may not look like much, but  

this JB-tuned, 43hp, RB250 Series 1  

Lambretta, could possibly be the nicest  

scooter Stan has ridden. Ever. He didn’t  

want to give it back... 


94 Feature scooter: Detroit Soul 

Current owner Shaun Freestone took  

a tidy looking scooter with a Tamla  

Motown theme, and developed it into  

this stunning full blown custom Vespa. 


108 Feature scooter: Poetry in Motion 

For some scooterists an equal appreciation  

of both soul music and scooters goes  

hand in hand. It’s a perspective that  

certainly applies to Johnny and Jane  

Cambridge, as their full-blown custom S1,  

So Many Sides Of You, confirms. 


120 Dave’s Nostalgic Custom Corner 

This month’s trip down memory lane  

from DNCC is the stunning…  

Cinquante Neuf – Le Bic.

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