March 2019
March 2019   

Scootering - March 2019

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03 Welcome letter from 

The Editor a warm welcome to the March issue of Scootering 


06 Kickstart 

The upfront section with all the latest news, views and product reviews 


14 Feature Scooter: 

Replica Revisited some scooters are hard to find, whilst others fall into the category of mythical. This Dealer Special is a beautiful replica of such a beast 


21 Scooter Boy Tales 

Another cracking Scooter Boy story from the annals of Scootering history 


22 Riding the Ho Chi Minh Trail Part 2: Gravel Rash and a Difficult Decision
Last month we left our gang of explorers exhausted, but with 1,000 miles still left to travel. Could they bring themselves to leave Da Lat, Vietnam’s prettiest town? 


29 Feature Scooter: 

Teenage Kicks In retrospect, those who spent their formative years traversing the UK during the 1980s going to National scooter rallies, had the time of their lives. This scooter is the epitome of that era 


34 Mailbox 

Readers’s letters, laughs, feedback and fury – get it off your chest, man! 


35 Dealer Profile 

Whilst many blow their own trumpet and surround themselves with fanfare, these guys fly quietly under the radar. Don’t let their modest demeanour fool you. We visit Anglia Scooters 


38 Feature Scooter: Vintage Evil 

The Toxic team has produced an off-the- wall low-rider Vespa cut-down, influenced by the 1940s/50s, and it will certainly turn heads 


42 Subscriptions 

Get your mag delivered to the door, earlier than newsstands, and save money… cool. Plus, gain access to all the benefits of the ‘Scootering Extra’ subs-club 


44 Show us your scoots 

The best of our readers’s rides as sent in by you 


49 Kev’s Chronicles 

Part 3 of our homage to scooter legend Kev Walsh. This episode takes a look at his brief, but memorable, racing career 


 54 Feature scooter: Nasty 

This scooter’s theme was driven by the owner’s love of the band Prodigy. As the definition suggests, it’s something of an extraordinary example 


59 Tech: MOT Myths & Hits: Part 1 

Nik takes us through the process of MOT testing a scooter, and dispels a few myths 


70 Project Poland: Quattri-phenia 

Since riding Chiselspeed’s Quattrini demonstrator, Stan's hankered after his own conversion. This summer’s ride to Poland provides the perfect excuse 


72 Club Do's & Events 

Your essential guide to the scene– What, where and when 


76 Scootering Words & Sounds 

The best of Scootering words and music as reviewed by Nik and Sarge 


78 A Quick One with Richard Searling 

Wigan Casino provided the soundtrack to the formative years of countless 1970s youngsters. Sarge caught up with leading DJ Richard Searling for a chat on the subject 


81 VCB Club News 

The official newsfeed from the VCB 


88 Tech Torque: Building a Lambretta or Vespa Street Racer 

Part 6 of our tech guide to building a Lambretta and Vespa Street Racer. This month: Rev counters, gauges, and finishing touches 


92 Project Street Sleeper 

Dan’s project involves no fancy paint jobs, just a discreet pocket rocket. This month he jumps through DVLA hurdles and endures a visit from SGS inspectors in his quest for a V5 


94 Feature scooter: Never Sleep Again 

With a paint job inspired by the Nightmare on Elm Street film series, building this scooter caused its owner sleepless nights 

100 Time for Change?
Big Stan is out in Italy with Piaggio to test the new GTS300 HPE range... and he is impressed! 


108 Lui per tutti... tutti per Lui 

The Luna line celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018, and our own Italian stallion Christian met a man for whom the Lui is an object of fascination 


113 Scooter Trader 

Sales and classifieds section 


120 Dave’s Nostalgic Custom Corner 

This month’s trip down memory lane from DNCC is the stunning Hard to Handle

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