April 2019
April 2019   

Scootering - April 2019

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03 Welcome letter from the Editor 

A warm welcome to the April edition of Scootering 


06 Kickstart 

The upfront section with all the latest news, views and product reviews 


14 Feature Scooter: Team Lambretta 

Mention AF Rayspeed and the legendary S Type is what we instantly associate with the company. But we should never forget their other timeless classic 


21 Scooter Boy Tales 

Another cracking Scooter Boy story from the annals of scootering history 


22 Riding the Ho Chi Minh Trail Part 3: Journey’s End 

Last month we left our riders in Hoi An, running out of time to complete their ride to Hanoi. Are they about to throw in the towel? 


28 Feature Scooter: Shipshape and Bristol Fashion 

Four years back Chris Eldridge started in earnest on realising the twin scooter aspirations he’d harboured for as long as he can remember. See the beautiful results for yourself 


35 Mailbox 

Readers’ letters, laughs, feedback and fury – get it off your chest, send us a communication to air your point of view 


36 Subscriptions 

Get your mag delivered to the door, earlier than newsstands, and save money…cool. Plus – gain access to all the benefits of the ‘Scootering Extra’ subs-club 


38 Show us your scoots 

The very best, funniest and most endearing of our readers’ rides photographs, as sent in by you 


42 Dealer Profile: SSC 

Big Stan jets off to Saigon, to meet the lovely people behind the Saigon Scooter Centre 


48 Royal Alloy 200cc Test Ride 

Can an auto scooter ever be described as having character? We rode Royal Alloy’s GT200 in an attempt to find out, and were pleasantly surprised 


52 Lambretta V200 Test Ride 

Relaunching the Lambretta scooter was one of the most controversial decisions in scootering for decades. We test rode the V200 to see whether the decision was justified 


54 MoT Hits & Myths 

The second part of our helpful guide, to try and ease the pain of MoT time 


58 Kevin’s Chronicles 

Part 4 of our homage to scooter legend Kev Walsh. This time we take a look at number ones, nationals and millionaires 


64 Feature Scooter: TV or not 

TV, That Is the Question Sarge takes us through Kev Cocklin’s journey to achieve his dream scooter, using the very desirable TV175 as his base model 


73 Club Do’s & Events 

Your essential guide to the scene – What, where and when 


76 Scootering Words & Sounds 

The best of scootering words and music as reviewed by Nik & Sarge 


81 VCB Club News 

The official newsfeed from the VCB  


82 Spanish Revolutions 

Pike-nuts, grass skirts and a pristine Lambretta Lince. An unlikely combination but, as Stan discovered, they were all part of the 1980s rally culture – a stunning brace of Spanish Lambrettas 


88 Tech Torque: Don’t lose your head. Keeping Lambretta cowlings secure 

The head and fan cowl are a fundamental part of the Lambretta engine cooling process. If they come loose then overheating will occur 


92 Project Street Sleeper 

Dan’s new project, no fancy paintjobs, just a discreet pocket rocket. With V5 in hand, Dan now focuses on the tech specs of his Targa-Twin project 


94 Event Report: Burton Brewers 

It’s a long-time favourite for many, and a great way to kick off the season. Stu Smith reports on the Burton Brewers event 


100 Reader’s Ride: Bonzo 

As we all know, football fans are passionate about their team, and scooterists are passionate about their scooters. This machine combines those passions 


106 Rally Report: Meltdown 

Jamie is back from the Meltdown, and what a great time he had. There is no other rally like it; Jamie explains why 


 117 Scooter Trader 

The sales and classifieds section 


128 Dave’s Nostalgic Custom Corner 

This month’s trip down memory lane from DNCC is the stunning… Hard to Handle

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