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May 2019   

Scootering - May 2019

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03 Welcome letter from the Editor 

A warm welcome to the May edition of Scootering 


06 Kickstart 

The upfront section with all the latest news, views and product reviews 


14 Passion, Pride and Pole Position 

This year sees the 25th anniversary since Ayrton Senna’s death and with the support 

of a highly skilled and specialised team, Darryl Braga has produced an emotive and thought-provoking Ayrton Senna tribute scooter 


22 Celebrating 50 years of the Lambretta Grand Prix 

Half a century has now passed since Innocenti released its final piece of scooter design, one which has endured the test of time, achieving legendary status 


28 Scooterotica 

Mixed emotions surround the reincarnation of this legendary beast, from many different quarters. But whether you love it or loathe it, the fact is… the bitch is back! 


34 Scooter Boy Tales 

Another cracking Scooter Boy story from the annals of Scootering history 


37 Mailbox 

Readers’ letters, laughs, feedback and fury – get it off your chest, man! 


38 Subscriptions 

Get your mag delivered to the door, earlier than newsstands, and save money… cool. Plus – gain access to all the benefits of the ‘Scootering Extra’ subs club 


40 Show us your scoots – six-page special! 

The best of our readers’ rides as sent in by you – plus two overseas specials 


47 Dealer Profile: AF Rayspeed 

When it comes to one scooter dealer in particular, they have done so much over time it's almost impossible to know where to start. Stu Owen gives it a go 


53 Kevin’s Chronicles 

Part 5 of our homage to scooter legend Kev Walsh. In this episode we take a look at rallies, riots and the decision to break away from the mayhem 


61 Africa scooter adventure 

From Senegal to The Gambia and on to Guinea-Bissau: This is one serious overland adventure 



69 Fifty and not out 

This year marks a number of landmark anniversaries, some perhaps more widely anticipated than others. Sarge speaks to legendary DJ Dave Evison on his 50 years behind the wheels of steel 


72 Club Do’s and Events 

Your essential guide to the scene What, Where and When 


76 Scootering Words and Sounds 

The best of Scootering words and music as reviewed by Nik & Sarge 


84 DL - Demoniaca Lussuria (Diabolic Lust) 

Tuning is a regulatory no-no for many Italians, but there is a breakaway group forging a new path. This scooter encompasses the new breed and their hope for acceptance from the authorities   


90 Tech Torque: The Amal 

MK 1 and 11 Carburettor One of the most fitted carburettors over the last 50 years is the Amal. Not as popular as it once was, but still used today Stu Owen gives us the full tech specs 


94 Eccy thump! 

Who would believe we came across a racing outfit sheltered within the confines of a tattoo parlour-come-coffee shop come-tune shop? Well we did, so Rik explains all 


106 Match(box) made in heaven 

Once a child’s toy, but now a highly collectable miniature, thousands of the Matchbox model 36 Lambretta and Watsonian sidecar were produced, although fewer survived playtime! There is, however, only one full-sized machine 


112 Camilla’s Sei Giorni 

When an absolute scooter purist decides to change the origins of his or her machine, you know it must be done both the right reasons and in the right way. Scootering reporter Christian Giarrizzo meets such an enthusiast in the heart of Italy, and tells us his story 


117 Scooter Trader 

The sales and classifieds section

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