June 2024
June 2024   

Scootering - June 2024

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Can information technology revolutionise the custom scene?

08Ring of Fire
A classic German custom PX that’s been resurrected

14The Knowledge
If you don’t know your aramid from your armour, we’ve got the scoop

16Antrim Adventure
The Portrush National... was this new venue worth the wait? Rick thinks so

Whether you want to set up your own production line, have a weekend away or simply pick up some riding wear, it’s all here

Our monthly roundup of music, fashion and scootering culture

34Lexicon of Scooters #30
Watsonian-Squire sidecars. Pull up a chair as we profile Britain’s biggest sidecar company

43A trip to the Big Smoke
The Bioux Hayes story

48Show us your scoots
Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s Cosaman!

First aid and fire loss, your chance to share your opinion

Could things get any better? Yes, we can save you money by buying direct

54Send us a postcard
A very special postcard from Clacton’s anniversary rideout

56A diamond of a day
The Veteran Vespa Club’s anniversary ride from London to Brighton

60Gentleman Jim
A two-wheeled tribute to a legend of motorsport

68Current project
If you like your Lambrettas with a touch of technology, this one’s for you

74Record breakers
The first of our reports from Vespa World Days in Pontedera

80Big Chris’ Classic Corner:
The Rescuers
Another Lambretta brought back from the brink by serial restorers Chris and Polly Richardson

86Pontedera production
Photography was forbidden during the recent Vespa factory open days, but we know all the right people…

90This month in the garage
This month Dan looks at some simple problems that can occur when fitting aftermarket carburettors and reviews the latest technical products

94From sow’s ear to silk purse
Our project PX gains a headset

100Italian stallion rolling revival
It’s time to start thinking about our project Series 2’s engine…

104By Royal Alloy appointment
Dan gets to grips with our engine upgrade

110Race Chat
All the news and the very best photos from BSSO’s first and second rounds of the season

114Buyer’s guide
Fancy a brand new scoot? This is the only place in print you can compare the necessary numbers

118First Ride: Sinnis Connect 125
A budget commuter that delivers on value

123Tales from the Vault
Oil’s well that ends well…

124Scooter Trader
Sell your scoot for free

128Final word: Rude Boy
A self-built Lammy with soul

130Next month
Another stonking issue ahead

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