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Classic Scooterist Magazine - Feb/Mar 2018

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4 Back when we had hair
Nostalgic memories from
times gone by
6 Mailbox
Readers’ opinions
8 Scooterama
A felicitous fanfare of facts,
feedback and faces
14 The Prince and the Tea Lady
A true fairy tale of challenge
and determination
18 What’s going on?
The scooterist calendar
19 Event round-up
A look at recent events
26 Alan’s Rallymaster
A long time in the making…
30 Moto Lambretta
Innocenti-built motorcycles
34 Vespa V100 Sport
Simon’s green machine
38 London-Milan (1997)
Jim Trewin and ‘Sal’ Salvin’s
record-breaking journey
40 The promise
Helping a friend in need
41 Hook, line and sinker
John Byron’s scooter collection
42 ‘Ruby’
Nick Sheader’s stunning looking Series 2
46 Back in the day
What every well-equipped
Lambretta Service Agent
needs on their wall
48 Alien versus Predator
A conflict of interests
52 Project Tigress pt 2
‘Winging it’ on the build
springs to mind
56 ‘The Singapore Strut’
Izaac’s ‘Leopard Tourer’
Lambretta Series 1 and
PAV trailer
58 Vespa TIP
The 50s and 60s German
Vespa club magazine
62 ’Ow be knackin’
John Turner’s Lambretta D Type Special
64 Elegance with a touch of style
Andy Moore’s Durkopp Diana
68 Ridden, never to be hidden
A stunning AF S-Type 250
72 Scooters on the Mount
Auto 66 National Hill Climb
74 Replacing Lambretta
J Range fork bearings
Getting rid of riding and
handling problems
78 De-seaming a Vespa
A customising modification
that can be done at home
90 Blast from the past
The 1960 International Show