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Classic Scooterist Magazine - Apr/May 2018

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4 Back when we had hair
Nostalgic memories from
times gone by

8 Scooterama
A felicitous fanfare of facts,
feedback and faces

12 Mailbox
Reader’s submissions,
reviews and opinions

16 What’s going on?
A look at the scooterist

18 Scooter World
Arguably the largest scooter
custom show in the UK?

22 Gathering of the clans

24 Special brew
Burton Brewers event

26 ‘Scunny’ Road Rats
Mike Pacey brings the
memories flooding back

28 A true Spanish rarity
The Eibar-built TV2

30 Badges that mapped your life
Memories of times gone by

32 ‘Penelope’s Pit Stop’
Brydie Carrington’s Super
Starstream Lambretta

36 Getting down and dirty in the desert
The trials and tribulations of
the Moroccan Nomad Rally

46 Back in the day
Edinburgh & District LC
in action

48 ‘Betsie’
Joe Curran’s Lambretta LD
150 Mk2

52 Simon’s Maicoletta 250
Undoubtedly one of the stars
of the 1955 Brussels Show

56 ‘Juan Pablo’
Paul Sanderson’s rustoration

60 Trials & tribulations
Round the world on a Vespa

62 D Dynasty
An unusual development for
the Model D Lambretta

66 Two or four wheels?
Robert Fenn’s project turns
out to be a Vespa 400 car

72 A lifelong dream
Frank Wood’s Lambretta

76 Project Tigress pt3
The build continues

80 Racing on a budget
A new direction for the BSSO
race classes

81 Scooter sport alternatives
Planning the action for 2018

82 Scooter clubs
Meet and greet your
local club

86 Scooterist classifieds
For all your wants and needs

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