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Classic Scooterist Magazine - Aug/Sep 2018

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Issue 122 Aug/Sept 2018


4 Back when we had hair
Nostalgic memories shared

6 Scooterama
A felicitous fanfare of facts,
feedback and faces

12 What’s going on?
A look at the scooterist

14 Rally Roundup
Recent events at a glance

22 LML No.58
A tribute to Marco Simoncelli

26 Anniversary Lunacy
Happy birthday Luna Line

30 The Kittos
Devon’s scootering duo

34 A brace of Germans
The Heinkel A-1 and A-2

38 Something speciale
Bob White’s Vespa

42 Bad Toro
A Rat with attitude

46 Back in the day
Dunbar’s Scooter Queen

50 Messerschmitt GS150
Richard’s German Vespa

54 The Village Bike
The tale of a red Lambretta
GP200 Electronic

58 Every picture tells a story
1964 Reims Regularity Trial

60 Hetty Wainthropp investigates
Shaun’s Lambretta Li 150

62 Trials and tribulations
Victor Englebert, Vespa

64 Pimping your ride
Scooter bling – surely a
little-documented subject

68 Lebrec Lambretta
All the way from France

72 A true shed find
‘Project Cometa’ gets
under way

76 Fast flow fuel taps
How well do they work?

78 The finale
‘Project Tigress’ comes
to an end

80 Sealing a rusty fuel tank
Give your tank a treat

82 Scooter clubs
Meet and greet your
local club

86 Scooterist classifieds
For all your wants and needs

90 Blast from the past
Impressions of the
Vespa Rally 200